Marina Syntelis collection of seascape paintings available for sale. Select each image to view its details and have an impression of how it looks in a room. 

Available Originals

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BENEATH Seascape Oil Painting by Contemp
OIl seascape painting of a large, powerful ocean wave crashing.
Original acrylic seascape by contemporary fine artist Marina Syntelis. Grey, blue, black, white wintry wind waves disappearing in the horizon. Inspired by rough winter waters, cloudy sky, Aivazovski, Turner. Evoking motion, movement, mystery, fear.
ABYSS Seascape Painting.jpg
Original oil seascape painting by contemporary fine artist Marina Syntelis. Inspired by the force of the crashing wind waves, Aivazovski, Turner. Bright white, aqua, blue rolling wave, creating a dark tunnel leading to the abyss, evoking mystery, fear, force, ocean power.
Concrete Ocean Original Seascape Oil Pai
A rectangual original painting in oils, by Marina Syntelis. This original piece of fine art is separated into for parts, presenting different versions oif the seawaves in the same paintinhg.
Original oil painting by marine artist Marina Syntelis. The paintng is inspired by the abstract shapes formed by the crushing waves. Tiny little lines are mingled giving the piece a feeling of freshness and freedom while at the same time evoking fear and uncertainty. The chaotic space at the lower part presents a different dimension, while the upper part is filled with the ocean waters, as they spread towards the horizon. The painting is available for sale. More information available, if selected.
Original oil  painting by contemporary painter Marina Syntelis. A large seascape inspired by the festive feeling of powerful waves crushing. Much attention paid on the fine details which create a bright web forming sea foam. A very unique technique to empower the explosive feelind. Many different, unexpected figures and shapes are hidden among the fine lines so the viewer bcan have a different visual experience every time. Evoking joy, power, brightness.
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