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( , February 2022)

I enjoy every form of artistic expression for different reasons. I find things to admire and learn from many different visual artists, contemporary or older ones, professionals, and devoted amateurs. However, being Greek, I would like to highlight the brilliant works of Takis and the dreamy paintings of Panayiotis Tetsis, which conveyed all the beauty of the greek scenery and the brightness of the greek light

(, July 2020)

Greece... The history. The beauty. The mythology and mystique... [...] It is from this world that many enchanted artists are born, a world where crashing waves meet with placid skies, where ancient gods still speak through divine inspiration. I know of one such artist who carries this wonderful legacy. Her name is Marina Syntelis. 

REPDIGEST magazine cover July 2020

Aaron Towle, Reprehensible Digest

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