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A Moment In Time by Marina Syntelis

100 x 100 cm
Oil on Cotton Canvas





A few thoughts from the artist.

I approached this wave painting in a more expressionistic mood. For me, this wave carried light. It was not formed by the sea as an element but more by the sea which bears life; it was not a wave of sea water crashing, but an explosion of light.

With each brushstroke, I tried to convey the energy and power of the wave, as well as the hope and resilience it represented to me. The brushstrokes seemed to leap off the canvas, creating a sense of movement and life that mirrored my own emotions.

As I worked, I found myself lost in a world of my own creation, where darkness was banished by the power of light and color. It was obviously influenced by my feelings during the 2020 pandemic. What I needed, what most of us needed, was an explosion of light to conquer the darkness.

Being a painter, I am privileged enough to create my own world, my refuge, my place to feel safe and hopeful. I created "Let Be Light" to share this place with anyone who felt the way I did.

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